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Areas of research not eligible for the programme

Research topics not eligible for ERISTA 2018

  • Proposals that study apixaban in clinical conditions / patient populations that are currently contraindicated. ie. any study in pregnant women or paediatric populations will not be considered eligible
  • Any study in acute haemorrhagic stroke
  • Any study in patients with stroke < 3 days
  • Stroke prevention in patients with mechanical prosthetic valve
  • Repeating phase 3 trials (ie outcomes study in non-valvular AF, reducing the recurrence of ACS)
  • Under-powered randomised efficacy head-to-head clinical studies vs other NOACs or any active standard of care comparator in approved indications
  • Any study with QD dosing of apixaban
  • Repeating pharmacokinetic trials already implemented in the label (ie crushed tablets) or studies underpowered to assess a correlation between exposure and clinical outcomes
  • Pre-clinical studies
  • Primary VTE prevention, particularly in medically ill patients
  • Research involving drug products or devices that do not have regulatory approval

Other research areas that are not a priority

  • Research that duplicates ongoing research (ie In ongoing and planned large and collaborative investigator sponsored/initiated research) will not be supported

This site is intended for the use of investigators considering a submission or intending to submit to the ERISTA program. It is NOT intended to provide product information.