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All information contained in the applications is considered confidential, and available only to Independent Review Committee (IRC) members and BMS/Pfizer medical personnel managing the program.


All IRC members will be signatory to a confidentiality agreement specific to the BMS/Pfizer European Thrombosis Investigator-Initiated Research program.


All requests for information on an application or a reviewer report should be referred to the Chair or the colleagues managing the awards program at BMS/Pfizer.


By law, applicants have access to their own applications. For further information, please contact your local BMS/Pfizer medical and scientific support colleague.


Other considerations

During the submission process the principal investigator will be requested to comply with BMS or Pfizer rules and regulations regarding investigator-sponsored research.

This site is intended for the use of investigators considering a submission or intending to submit to the ERISTA program. It is NOT intended to provide product information.