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Review Committee

The Independent Review Committee

Dr Alexander (Ander) Cohen - Chair

King’s College London, London, UK

Dr Marco Alings

Dr Marco Alings, Amphia Ziekenhuis Breda & University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands

Professor Héctor Bueno

Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research, CNIC, Madrid, Spain

Professor Gines Escolar

Department of Medicine, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Professor Gregory Lip 

Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

Dr David Jiménez

Ramón y Cajal Hospital and Alcalá de Henares University, Madrid, Spain

Professor Gabor Róbert Kiss

Military Hospital, Budapest, Hungary

Professor Stavros Konstantinides

Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz,

Dr Georges Mairesse

Les Cliniques du Sud - Luxembourg, Arlon, Belgium

Professor Ali Oto

Memorial Ankara Hastanesi, Ankara, Turkey

Professor Uwe Zeymer

Klinikum Ludwigshafen and Institut für Herzinfarktforschung, Germany


Committee members are not allowed to submit proposals and will not participate in assessment of proposals coming from their own institutions or when a conflict of interest exists.

This site is intended for the use of investigators considering a submission or intending to submit to the ERISTA program. It is NOT intended to provide product information.